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  • Product Details

    Littelfuse Compact Low Voltage Disconnects electronically sense battery voltage and conserves starting power. The unit automatically disconnects and reconnects loads based on battery conditions which prolongs battery life by preventing damage due to excessive discharge.

    Small size and lightweight design means easier and more discrete mounting, to use space more efficiently, eliminate hardware, and give better routing of wires. When battery voltage falls below programmed voltage setting for 2 minutes non-critical loads are automatically disconnected. Programmable timer feature automatically disconnects loads after key off, regardless of battery condition.

    Disconnect Voltage: 12.05V min, 12.1V typical, 12.15V max. When voltage drops below 12.1V, system activates the alarm for one minute and then disconnects loads.
    Overcurrent Protection: 150A – System will disconnect load and sound alarm after 5 seconds of excessive current.
    Key-Off timer: 5 minutes minimum, 15 minutes typical.

    Features & Benefits

    • Auto-ranging identifies whether system is 12V or 24V, and automatically establishes thresholds (one part number; two voltages)
    • Metric tin-plated copper terminals
    • Eliminates dead battery service calls and lost time. Extends battery life by preventing irreversible damage due to excessive discharge.
    • Unit gives warning one minute before disconnect through a 250 mA alarm signal that can drive audible or visual systems
    • Optional manual override feature
    • Electronics are sealed to IP67, see Wiring Instructions IF-162 for mounting and wiring details.
    • Solid state reliability and resistance to vibration – replaces vulnerable conventional solenoids. Unit exceeds one million cycles and is protected from overcurrent, overvoltage, and under-voltage.
    • Minimal draw on battery (only 1mA standby)

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