• Safety Items & Spare Parts For Heavy Earthmoving Machineries & Diesel Engines
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    The DA and DB Series transient surge suppressors are heavy-duty industrial metal-oxide varistors designed to provide surge protection for motor controls and power supplies used in oil-drilling, mining, and transportation equipment.

    • These UL-recognized varistors have identical ratings and specifications but differ in case construction to provide flexibility in equipment designs.
    • DA series devices feature rigid terminals to insure secure wire contacts.
    • Both the DA and DB series feature improved creep and strike distance capability to minimize breakdown along the package surface design that provides complete electrical isolation of the disc subassembly.

    Package Size 40mm
    VMAX AC (V) 660
    Max Rated DC Voltage 850
    Peak Pulse Current (ITM) 1xAmps (A) 40000
    Nominal DC Voltage (VNDC) (V) 1050
    Make - Littlefuse

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