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    Infrared LED’s enhance night vision capabilities for military personnel, and for infrared vehicle lighting, security lighting applications, and other covert general area infrared lighting.

    IR850: The IR850 is slightly detectable to the naked eye with a reddish glow when the LED’s are activated. The LED only emits a red light one to two inches. The IR850 holds the advantage of illuminating brighter than the IR940. If night vision illumination is your top priority than the IR850 LED will be the best available option.

    IR940: The IR940 is virtually invisible to the human eye while activated with a very faint purplish glow. The IR940 LED emits virtually no light. The IR940 is the ultimate infrared LED light when stealth is of the utmost importance. Application is the deciding factor in which IR light you chose, and which is more important, stealth or illumination.

    Compact Form: All those raw lumens come out of a housing that is only 2″ wide. Featuring a singe-bolt mounting system, you’ll be able to take the Solstice Solo Prime anywhere, anytime.

    Accessories: The Solo was designed to be used in many different applications and has the option to expand into other uses via available accessories. Battery packs, mounting accessories like handles and flush mounts, and the Omni-Link Connectors all make the Solstice Solo one of the most diverse LED Lights on the market.

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