• Safety Items & Spare Parts For Heavy Earthmoving Machineries & Diesel Engines
  • Product Details

    CE 2460 EX II 2G E
    Ex d[op is] II B T5 Gb, IP66 / IP68
    Input Voltage: 100-240V AC


    Suitable for use in:-

    Exterior / Interior Lighting

    Hazardous / Non Hazardous Area

    Work Area Illumination

    Standard Materials
    Body: ALDC12
    Glass: Soda Lime (15.0T)
    LED Type: Cree LED XPEWHT-L1-WD-R2O-Ring 1&2: Silicone 50(DSE 350U)Braket : SPHC(5T) / (HHL,MIL) , STS304(5T) / (MXL)

    Connector: Pipe Threaded Tap Hole

    ATEX Certifications and Compliances

    Zone 1 – Gases, Mists, Vapours. Occasionally Present
    Zone 2 – Gases, Mists, Vapours. Very Seldom or only present for a short period
    EX d – Prevents transmission of the explosion outside (Flameproof Enclosure)
    II B – For Complete list of explosion group examples see ATEX 94/9/EC
    T5<100°C the temperature class indicates the max temperature of the exposed surface.

    Part No. MIL-EXP-18XX

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