• Safety Items & Spare Parts For Heavy Earthmoving Machineries & Diesel Engines
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    Double-pole master disconnect switches. Will disconnect the battery and the alternator or generator field circuit.

    Voltage: 6-36 Vdc
    Electrical Ratings*:
         Large Studs:
    Small Studs:
    1000 A Intermittent, 125 A Continuous* (15 seconds on, 5 minutes off)
    20 A Continuous
    Number of Positions: 2
    Circuitry: Double-Pole
    Terminals: Two 3/8″-24 and two 10-32 Studs
    Case: Plated Steel
    Contacts: Silver or Brass
    Actuator: Lever or Hencol Lock

    Part No. 75900

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